“The tech was professional, knowledgeable and friendly, worked hard and did a great job”



“He made sure I understood everything going on and he made sure we are safe while using power in the future. +我!”



“我强烈推荐CMC electric,以满足您的任何电气需求. 很棒的十博app苹果版下载,很棒的人(办公室职员) & 技术)与合理的价格.”





当你需要电的时候, 暖通空调, 或发电机安装十博app苹果版下载, CMC电气是罗利地区电工的求助对象. We have an electrical license in NC and provide high-quality service every time. 我们的家居保障计划s ensure all our customers have access to service when they need us. 在费耶特维尔你是否需要一个电工, 罗利, 克莱顿, 教堂山分校, 或者其他社区, 会员资格确保您获得优先十博app苹果版下载, 年度检查, 独家特价, 还有更多!


Our plans include Silver, Gold, and Platinum level services at a low monthly price. 使用CMC的家庭电气保护计划,您可以得到:


  • 优先级十博app苹果版下载你和你的家人是我们的头等大事. 24小时不停地打电话,让下一个有空的人, 第二天, 或优先当日十博app苹果版下载取决于您的计划水平. 我们的电工基本上是等待您的电话不分昼夜.
  • 独家特价我们经常为计划会员提供特别优惠. These deals and discounts provide the most value you can find in electrical services. 因此,随着时间的推移,你可以节省大量的钱. And to help your home meet National Fire Protection Association standards, 有关产品和十博app苹果版下载,我们给您九折优惠.
  • 安全检查: Yearly safety inspections are included in our Electrical 家保护计划. Complete inspections help spot developing problems before a major electrical hazard threatens your safety. 美国有成千上万的房屋发生火灾.S. every year due to electrical issues; we can help reduce the risk in your home.
  • 打折十博app苹果版下载我们的“银”套餐可以打九五折, 我们的黄金计划打九折, 参加“白金家居保障计划”可享八五折优惠. That can add up to significant savings for just a small monthly fee.
  • 电气安全测试: CMC Electric employs the latest tools and technologies to evaluate the safety of your electrical system annually. A safety evaluation is especially useful if you’re home is more than 40 years old, 正在进行一次大翻修, 你要买一套新房子, 或者添加一个主要设备. 我们甚至会每年测试和更换烟雾探测器电池.
  • 全屋电涌防护: With our Gold plan you get a standard whole house surge protector, while our Platinum plan includes an ultra whole house surge protector. These systems protect against internal and external surges such as those from lightning strikes and fluctuations in utility power.
  • GFCI替代品: A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter cuts the power to an outlet if electricity and water mix, 防止烫伤, 火花, 和电击. Platinum plan members can have all their GFCI’s tested and up to two replaced per year at no additional cost.
  • 节约成本:作为家庭电气保护计划的成员, 你有很多机会在重要的十博app苹果版下载上省钱, both in the form of discounts and access to professional care that can avoid costly repair issues over time.


With our 暖通空调 家保护计划, 2 maintenance visits per year are included. 春季和秋季我们会派一名技术人员到你家, so your cooling and heating system are in peak condition leading into times of high demand. 作为暖通空调舒适俱乐部的会员,您将收到:

  • 中投检查: We have you completely covered when it comes to a thorough inspection. That means no minor issues will go unnoticed and quick repairs and adjustments are made to save you in terms of repair costs, 效率, 和系统寿命.
  • 提醒十博app苹果版下载: Plan members receive notification ahead of when it’s time to schedule regular maintenance. Many months can go by until you need an AC or heater tune-up; our team is prepared to send reminders, 所以你永远不会忘记重要的十博app苹果版下载.
  • 季前安排: We strongly recommend completing 暖通空调 maintenance ahead of the summer or winter season, 因为故障最可能发生在需求高峰时期. Pre-season maintenance can avoid long repair wait times and inconveniences during steamy summer afternoons and frosty winter nights.
  • 每月的付款方式: A number of financial incentives are included in our plan, including:
    • 没有加班工资如果十博app苹果版下载时间比预计的长,你不必多付一分钱, 或者我们必须在晚上出来, 上一个周末, 或节日.
    • 折扣部分: Get 5%, 10%, or 15% off on 暖通空调 parts and components depending on your level of membership.
    • 购买权责发生制: With our higher level membership options, you can get a $25 or $50 accrual on your purchase.
    • 维修保修: Most of our 暖通空调 plan membership options include a 1-year repair warranty. 对于我们最高级别的会员,包括2年的保修期.
    • 2年通货膨胀防护:顶级成员可用, this ensures you don’t pay more for goods and services than you have to.


家用发电机使用起来很方便, 但就像你的其他电子系统一样, 它们需要定期维护以确保安全运行. Fortunately, CMC Electric provides a 十博app苹果版下载 Generator Protection Plan that includes:

  • 发电机的清洁: Silver plan members get 2 cleanings per year while Gold plan members receive 3 generator cleanings per year. Platinum plan members receive 4 generator cleaning visits per year at no extra cost. 更清洁的发电机可以更安全、更高效地运行.
  • 8“检查: Get 1 or 2 inspection visits annually depending on your membership level, 其中包括对功能的全面了解, 效率, 以及家庭发电机的安全. We’ll also make sure your system is ready to respond when there’s a power outage.
  • 财政激励措施: Our Generator 家保护计划 includes financial benefits such as:
    • 修复的折扣: Receive 5%, 10%, or 15% off repair work depending on membership level.
    • 免除急诊费:金卡及白金会员无需缴付派件费, while Platinum members get up to 1 hour of diagnostic services at no cost.
  • 远程监控: With the Mobile Link™ feature, you can check in on your home generator when you are away.
  • 优先级十博app苹果版下载: Priority same-day 罗利 generator service is available to Platinum plan members, 所以等待时间是最小的.
  • 节约成本: Owning a generator and properly caring for it comes at a price; as a 家保护计划 member, 我们可以帮助降低拥有成本.


CMC Electric is committed to ensuring your safety, comfort, and peace of mind. If you have a question such as “Do electricians offer payment plans?或者“GFCI断路器会坏吗??,我们可以帮助你. We’re also here to inform you of the range of benefits associated with being a 家保护计划 member.

To sign up today or if you have questions, feel free to contact us at(919) 246-4798 or 在线.




    我们的保护计划的一些额外津贴是我们的优先十博app苹果版下载, 年度全屋安全评估, 和打折十博app苹果版下载.


    We believe our customer’s electrical safety is of the utmost importance and that is why we provide a FREE safety inspection with every service.


    我们努力提供最好的十博app苹果版下载和体验. 我们关心你的家就像它是我们自己的家一样.


    We are not satisfied until you are and we offer a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.


    We understand that electric emergencies are no joke and that is why we offer 24/7 and same-day emergency services.