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Whole Home Surge Protection

Valid from Feb 1, 2021 - Feb 28, 2021


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Electrical Inspections For Home Buyers & Homeowners

Whether you’ve lived in your current home for a while or are looking to buy a new home, one thing is certain: you need an electrical inspection. Wiring and electrical systems are intricate and complicated. If not taken care of properly, they can cause damage to both your property and your healthy.The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sites electrical problems as one of the major causes for home structure fires in the United States. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported appliances plugged into improperly wired panels as the leading cause of electrocutions.

At CMC Electric, our skilled Raleigh electricians have the knowledge and experience to provide reliable, thorough electrical inspections. We go through entire electrical systems including the switchboard, wires, and other components to ensure your electrical unit meets legal safety standards. Once done with our inspection, we provide a report of what areas need attention and our recommendations.

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When Do You Need an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Homeowners often overlook electrical inspections until it’s too late. You can save a lot of time and money by scheduling regular inspections.
Common Reasons to Schedule an Electrical Inspection Include:
  • If your home is older than 40 years old – Older homes have older electrical systems. Time and constant use can wear out your electrical wires, breakers, fuses, and more. Regular inspections insure your electrical unit is working properly and keeps your family safe.
  • When purchasing a new home – Whether you’re looking to buy an older home to renovate or you’re buying a brand-new house, electrical inspections are crucial. Our electricians in Raleigh can help ensure the electrical unit in your new home meet legal safety standards.
  • When conducting major home renovations – Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or adding a new alcove in your kitchen, major home renovations will interfere with your electrical wiring. After you’re done updating your home, have an electrician look it over to make sure everything is to avoid tripped circuit breakers, fused boxes, and more.
  • When adding a major appliance – Major appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and more, use higher amperage. Many older buildings aren’t equipped to handle the higher amps, which can overload your circuit and can lead to fires.
At CMC, we want our clients to be safe and comfortable. With our electrical services, home protection plan, and lifetime warranty on parts and labor, we ensure that you’re taken care of around the clock. Safety is our top priority, which is why all our services include a free safety inspection.

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    Our Home Protection Plan

    Some of the perks of our protection plan are our priority service, annual whole-house safety evaluation, and discounted services.

    We Put Safety First

    We believe our customer’s electrical safety is of the utmost importance and that is why we provide a FREE safety inspection with every service.

    Red Carpet Treatment

    We strive to provide the best service and experience possible. We care for your home as if it was our own.

    Our Warranty

    We are not satisfied until you are and we offer a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

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    We understand that electric emergencies are no joke and that is why we offer 24/7 and same-day emergency services.